Felix Flynn

Felix is a long time author and short time editor. Though he has always wanted to publish his own writing, the longer he interacted with the horror community the more his desire grew to not only be a part of the creation process but be able to publish other authors.

Fox Milo

Editor extraordinaire, social media magician, and writer, Fox has a history of social media management outside of her 9-5 job responsibilities and is an expert at red-penning writing. Hoping to use those talents to strengthen the writers the press engages with, she dedicates her free time helping with the slush pile, connecting with fans, and being all around amazing.

Special Thanks

Hailey Piper

Hailey's help and feedback has been invaluable. Without her giving her assistance feedback on what to watch out for in the industry, mistakes that need fixing on the website, and contract creation we would still be feeling around in the dark.

She is an insanely talented writer and if you're interested in her work, you can find her on twitter @HaileyPiperSays

or through her website at

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