Open for Submissions until June 30th 2020

Sonorous silence

Silence is the theme of this anthology. From tales of what lurks in a world without sound to characters whose voice are taken or go unheard, we want them all.

We hope to keep the theme loose to allow the author creative freedom. If you think an idea fits, let us have it.

We accept all writers and welcome submissions from anyone, regardless of location, religion, race, gender, or sexuality. If you're writing horror, we want to read it!

Formatting and Guidelines

Stories should be between 2,000 and 7,500k


When submitting, please format your works using the industry standard. You can find a lovely guide here.


       -Courier or Times New Roman

       -12pt font

       -Double Spaced

       -Include a header with your legal name, address, and e-mail

       -Give us a word count on the first page

       -Subsequent pages should be numbered and labelled with the author's last name

Submissions should be made to:

       -In the subject line tell us the submission type and title.

        (ex. "Anthology- Book Title")

-Give us an intro, word count, and a short bio.

-You can submit two works at a time (not including Novel/Novella/Novelette submissions). If you get a rejection/acceptance, you are welcome to submit two more after that.

-If you have gotten a rejection on a work, do not resubmit it.

-If you have submit a work to us, do not resubmit the same work with revisions. You should already be giving us the best version of a piece. If something needs revisions, don't submit it until it's finished.

Note: Ads list the limit is 10k. If a work is that long, please still submit it and we will be happy to consider it as a novelette submission!


Since we are new and will be paying for expenses out of our own pocket for the time being, pay isn't going to be as great as we'd like. In time, we hope to be able to offer our authors more. For now, rates are as follows.

Short Stories:

       A flat rate of $40 + contributor copy for unpublished works

       A flat rate of $30 + contributor copy for previously published works

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