Why should we trust you?

We are asking many of you to take a leap of faith. We know that. We are both writers and have been in your shoes. There's a lot to consider when sending out work. More than just what someone is paying. Young publishers come and go, folding easily, leaving already published pieces in limbo.

We are investing a lot of time and effort into this business. Which most do. We've also invested a lot of money thus far. In just promoting the press itself, we've spared as much as we can to get eyes on our business as much as we can. We want to offer the same to the authors that we accept. We are in this for the long haul. It's a passion project, one that we are bleeding expenses for, but to make something amazing, sometimes blood must be spilled. If it's a sacrifice the writing gods need, we'll give it to see this press flourish.

What kind of marketing will be offered?

Both staff members have something to offer by way of marketing. Felix spent a while in film school and is pretty good at video and sound editing.  Once a work is accepted, we will be dedicating our resources to making videos, animated covers, and graphics that we can use for paid ads that will get the work in question in front of an audience. We want people to see it just as much as the authors surely do.

We would also like to get our Patreon up and running where we hope to be able to offer interviews with our authors (provided they are interested) and sneak peeks at the work we're doing.

Print or e-book?

We intend to offer both print and e-books. We will be buying our own ISBNS and publishing with IngramSpark so that in time we can offer our books to brick and mortar book stores.

With time, we'd like to be able to branch out into audiobooks, but that is in the far future once we've had some regular books published and can start learning about the audiobook process, how it works, and what it'll cost.

Do you accept art? Are you Looking for an illustrator?

At the moment, we will be doing the work for covers and everything ourselves.


Eventually, we'd like to hire artists and contribute to the artistic community. Much like writing is a difficult hustle, we know that visual art is too. We want to be able to pay artists the fair wages that they are worth. We can't right now.


When we can, we want to. We've been compiling a list of promising artists that we can refer to and contact once we have the appropriate funds. Send us a message at submissions@pavorpress.com. Let us know who you are, what you do, and share your website or some of your work with us. We'll add you to the list and be in touch as soon as we can.

How will I get paid?

If a work is accepted by the press, for either an anthology or single longer work (anything under our novel+ section), we can offer payment through paypal.

My work is really intense, gory, violent, or deals with difficult themes. Can I submit?

The short answer is yes.

We don't want to limit a writer. Some writing and content might not be to our taste, but  there are difficult themes that many writers want and need to express, things that they experience or have experienced, the real life horrors that need and should be worked out in fiction. Truths wearing the mask of monsters. That's what horror is for, after all.

We will never say not to submit your work based on content.

I want to submit to your anthology but my work is under/above the word limit.

We are not interested in works that aren't within the requirements listed under the open call. If it is under, see if you have any other works that may fit better. If it's longer, consider checking out our Novels+ page and see if it fits one of the other submission types.

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