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Status: Closed

Submissions made while we are closed will be deleted and will recieve no response.

When it comes to longer works of fiction, we aren't picky about content. We don't want to limit or put off potential submissions because an author is unsure that it might be against what we are looking for.

We are fans of everything from light horror, to dark fantasy, to splatter-punk. We don't shy away from a lot of material. We do tend to be wary of works with detailed rape and violence against women/minority groups, but even with this there is room for it being written well in the right context and by the right authors.


There is a fine line that we knowingly toe, We want people to be able to write that they want, to push boundaries, to explore dark and difficult topics. Some of that comes in the form of satire and expressing some hard to swallow beliefs for the sake of putting a spotlight on it.


If you are unsure of whether or not we want it, send it along and if a work isn't our cup of tea, we'll say so.

We welcome submissions from anyone, regardless of location, religion, race, gender, or sexuality. If you're writing horror, we want to read it!


When submitting, please format your works using the industry standard. You can find a lovely guide here.


-Courier or Times New Roman

-12pt font

-Double Spaced

-Include a header with your legal name, address, and e-mail

-Give us a word count on the cover page

-Subsequent pages should be numbered and labelled with the author's last name

Word Counts are as follows:

-Novelettes: 7,500-17,500 words

-Novellas: 17,500-40,000 words

-Novels: 40,000+

Submissions should be made to:

-In the subject line tell us the submission type and title.

        (ex. "Novel- Book Title")

-Give us an intro, word count, and a short bio.

-Don't include the story itself in the body of the email. Attach it as a .doc or pdf.


-Novelettes should be attached in full along with a synopsis as a second attachment.


-For Novellas and Novels, attach a synopsis and the first three chapters (or first 20 pages if chapters aren't used) of the work only.

-You can submit two works at a time (not including anthology submissions). If you get a rejection/acceptance, you are welcome to submit two more after that.

-If you have gotten a rejection on a work, do not resubmit it.

-If you have submit a work to us, do not resubmit the same work with revisions. You should already be giving us the best version of a piece. If something needs revisions, don't submit it until it's finished.


Since we are new and will be paying for expenses out of our own pockets for the time being, pay isn't going to be as great as we'd like. In time, we hope to be able to offer our authors more. For now, rates are as follows.


       An advance of $100 with yearly royalties at a 40/60 split (60 going to the author)


       An advance of $80 with yearly royalties at a 40/60 split (60 going to the author)


       An advance of $60 with yearly royalties at a 40/60 split (60 going to the author)