Intro: That Man Behind the Curtain

What's this blog going to be? I thought that's where I'd start off. I have plenty of ideas for posts to come and hopefully with time I can better engage the audience I (hopefully) cultivate. I've been thinking of all I've learned after starting this press and it made me realize just how much knowledge I've gained through trial and error. I hope this can be a guide. A peak behind the curtain to see how things are run, both for authors and for those who are hoping to get into the publishing business.

I often feel as if the whole writing industry is propped up as competition. Writers are in competition when submitting to anthologies, so someone else's failures are a good thing. Publishers are in competition because if someone else is selling books, then that's stealing sales from OUR very important press!

That mentality bothers me a lot. Perhaps it's a bit idealistic, but we're all out here trying to make it in the same industry and should be supporting each other.

As a writer, I want competition. Stifling other writer's chances at submitting to competitions or anthologies just means I got recognition for no other reason than there weren't other options. Getting an acceptance amid so many amazing writers, though, means something. To me, at least. It means my writing was good enough to stand out even with so many submissions by so many other talented authors.

Likewise, publishing isn't a competition. Before opening the press, I read horror stories about indie publishers suing other indie publishers just to shut things down and stop sales for a while. We aren't all selling the same product. Each press has different stories by different authors who all have wildly different writing. Variety and choice in the industry benefits everyone. It benefits writers because some works I read I really want to buy, but they simply don't fit what I want to publish for my specific press. The more publishers open, the more chances amazing stories have at finding a home and subsequently finding an audience. The more authors that get published, the more voices in the industry and the more options readers have.

It's good for all of us.

I hope that this blog will be a place for authors to see what's going on behind a publisher's computer screen and a guide for those who are looking to open a press as well. Learn from my mistakes. Let me share my pitfalls and triumphs with you, dear reader.


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